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Our conveyancing solicitors can handle everything apart from the packing, that’s something you must do! With no legal jargon and no endless chasing for updates from you, our experienced conveyancing team understands that buying a house is both an exciting and often stressful time for you. Our conveyancing department delivers exceptional client service at highly competitive fees. We are honest about our fees and ensure none are hidden from you. We work hard to meet your expectations. One conveyancing solicitor will deal with your conveyance from start to finish. Plain speaking with no legal jargon. Whatever your property purchase needs, let us help you make the process fast, efficient and hassle free. We are able to help simplify all of the processes for you, including any of the related services below. Get in touch with us at our Tiverton or Newton Abbot offices to discuss further.

Property Sale (Freehold & Leasehold)

Selling a property, for yourself or on behalf of someone is often a time of back and forth between the purchasing party and yourself. This is where we can step in & take the reins in order to smoothly complete the transaction.

Property Purchase (Freehold & Leasehold)

Purchasing a property is a time of great excitement for many and often a sense of a fresh beginning is built. Our residential property solicitors want to help maintain these feelings for you by taking control of all of the necessary steps needed to safely purchase a property (safety is key as you don’t want to encounter any issues with the property later down the line).

Remortgage (Freehold and Leasehold)

Remortgaging is often a suitable action for many property owners in order to obtain a mortgage more suited to their needs. In doing this step it may be necessary to seek legal advice in order to ensure that everything is completed as required by the lender, to ensure no future problems arise.

Transfer of Equity (Freehold and Leasehold)

Transferring equity of a property is a step many may take after owning a property for any amount of time, either as a gift or simply to share the responsibilities of the property with a partner officially. This must be completed with great attention to detail, to ensure that there are no clauses or loop-holes that may slow or void the process.

Land/Plot Sale

The selling of land or a plot often requires the buyer to use their imagination with what can be done with the land. It also means that they may often have requests such as planning permissions etc. These are not always advisable for you to obtain and our conveyancing solicitors can help you to navigate these processes and successfully sell your land.

Land/Plot Purchase

Purchasing a piece of land or a plot, may require due diligence to be completed in order to ensure that the land will be suitable for your needs. We can help you to obtain all of the necessary documents and evidence them properly so that they can be used in the future (if necessary).

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is a suitable way to obtain a property for many, where the issues often arise is when issues with the actual property begin to show. By ensuring that the shared ownership agreement includes all of the supporting information that is displayed robustly enough to weather any future use.

Equity Release

Releasing equity is a way for many to obtain much needed finances. It is not suitable for all but if it is, our property solicitors is experienced in completing it in a way that does not affect any other elements of your property.

Declarations of Trust

Also known as a deed of trust, these can be put in place in order to legally bind financial agreements between joint property owners, and/or anyone with a financial interest in the property. They must be created with all of the necessary information in order to withstand potential future use.

Freehold Conveyancing Fees

Freehold                       Costs        VAT         Total

Fixed Fee From:                     £750   +   £150   =   £900

Blue Light Card Fee From:             £695   +    £139   =   £834


Help to Buy Fee From:                  £200  +    £40    =   £240

New Build Fee From:                     £220  +    £44    =   £264

Transfer Equity Fee From:            £450  +    £90    =   £540
(No Mortgage)

Transfer Equity Fee From:           £550   +    £110   =   £660
(With Mortgage)

Declaration of Trust Fee From:   £250    +    £50   =   £300

Shared Ownership Fee From:     £300   +    £60   =  £360

ID1 Fee From:                                £250   +    £50    =  £300
(Minimum Charge)

Leasehold Conveyancing Fees

Leasehold                    Costs        VAT         Total

Fixed Fee From:                     £859   +   £179   =   £1,074

Bluelight Card Fee From:             £840 +    £168   =   £1,008


Help to Buy ISA Fee From:           £50    +    £10     =   £60

Start Dec Fee From:                     £150   +    £30    =   £180

Remortgage Fee From:                £450  +    £90    =   £540

Equity Release Fee From:           £450  +    £90     =   £540

Amenity Co Fee From:                £150    +    £30    =   £180

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