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No-Fault Divorce: Making a Change

With the new no-fault divorce law being introduced in April 2022, read how this changes the future of marriage in UK law.


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On Wednesday 6th April 2022 a new divorce law is being introduced called the No-Fault Divorce. If you haven’t yet heard about this, take a quick read of our previous blog post, Introducing the No-Fault Divorce.


Traditional values

This brand new law will be incredibly influential upon today’s society and how it will change marriage going forward. However, it has come under scrutiny in politics that the reform of the divorce law risked “undermining the commitment of marriage.” With some political parties promoting more traditional values, marriage has been at the forefront of politics for many years. This change means couples can seek out support in personal and challenging times and should be welcomed by all.

It was originally disputed that the introduction of the no-fault law was ill timed as many marriages have come under strain due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Those who voted against the Bill believed that removing the ability to “discuss possible reconciliation” went against the true values of marriage. This new law however still has a twenty-week ‘period of reflection’ before couples can continue with their application to work on any issues.


A new solution

With the current UK divorce laws in place, there are only options that involve blame. This can cause emotional difficulties and unnecessary stress when the marriage has naturally come to an end. Removing that blame from the situation gives unhappy couples a better solution.

There has been a debate before this new law was accepted that it would mean if divorce was easy, marriage would become trivialised as a result. This is not the case. Getting a no-fault divorce can still be a lengthy and expensive process but without the need for anger. In the last five years, studies have shown that 50% of divorces have been submitted as ‘unreasonable behaviour’ or ‘adultery’ meaning couples having no alternative but to place blame.


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Removing that blame from the situation gives unhappy couples a better solution.