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Personal Injury

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Personal injury is somewhat of a specialism for Chris Linnitt, having experienced his own case following a collision between his bike and a lorry. Chris made the difficult decision following the accident to have his leg amputated. You can read more about this by clicking below.

Our personal injury solicitor services cover the whole spectrum from our offices in Newton Abbot and Tiverton. We have detailed all of these services below.

Chris Linnitt's Story


Whether it be: Road traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents occurring in a public place, a motor bike accident, a pedestrian accident, a dangerous animal accident, a dog bite accident or an accident when abroad,  we are experienced in helping with all types of personal injury legal cases and understand that often it is a traumatic time for you. We will support and guide you through your personal injury claim to help you reach your desired outcome.

Road Traffic Accidents

If you or a family member have suffered a personal injury in a road traffic accident beyond your control – either as driver, passenger or pedestrian then we can help you.

With years of specialist experience in the field, Beyond are the road traffic accident experts. Our personal injury experts can guide you through the steps that you need to take after a serious accident. Whether your priority is claiming compensation for whiplash (or other related road injuries), claiming treatment or rehabilitation after a car or motorcycle accident, or recovering and repairing your vehicle, we offer a legal service tailored to your needs.

Motorcycle accidents:

According to government statistics following an in depth study these are the 5 most common causes of accident for a motorcyclist:
  • Failure to negotiate a left hand bend on a country A road
  • Failure to negotiate a right hand bend on a country A road
  • Collision at a junction
  • Collision while overtaking
  • Loss of control

Motorcycling is a life skill that can be fun and exhilarating at times. However, sadly, if you have an accident on a motorcycle then you are far more likely to be seriously injured.

We are experts in motorcycle claims. We understand what it is like to ride, the dangers you face and also what it is like when it goes wrong.

Pedestrian accidents:

Almost every single one of us is a pedestrian on a daily basis, whether we walk to school, to work, or just to the shops once we have parked the car.

Of all road users pedestrians are the most likely to be seriously injured in a road traffic accident. That is why pedestrians are given the right of way by motorists and other road users.

In 2012, 5,979 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured in the UK. Of particular concern was the number of young pedestrians killed or seriously injured: 26% were aged under 16; of those 8% were aged up to 7 and 18% were aged between 8 and 15. The higher the speed limit on any particular road, the higher the risk to pedestrians.


Medical and dental negligence does happen, often many are left wondering what they can do following a poor experience. Suffering in silence does not need to be the case, starting with getting any untreated negligence resolved, our personal injury solicitors can then help to guide you towards receiving suitable justice for the treatment you received (or didn’t!).

Knee Replacement Operation Mistake Leads To Successful Clinical Negligence Claim

Mr W instructed us to pursue a claim for Clinical Negligence following what was a very traumatic time for our client and his family. Mr W required a total left knee replacement at one of Ramsey Healthcare’s hospitals in Devon. His previous knee replacement had failed and it was arranged by the Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon that a further replacement would be necessary.

Our client paid £23,500 for the operation. The Consultant then made arrangements for the surgery to take place. The Consultant then instructed the relevant department to order the necessary parts from a company based in Norwich. Unfortunately, the order was incomplete. Mr W attended the surgery, was put under general anaesthetic and the operation began.

It later transpired after the old knee replacement had been removed that the correct parts had not been ordered. The Consultant decided to “tidy up” the knee when Mr W’s blood pressure went through the roof. He was immediately transferred to Torbay Hospital and retained in the intensive care unit for two days.

He then returned to his private healthcare and was discharged home. When he discovered what had happened in respect of the missing parts he instructed Beyond to pursue a claim for Clinical Negligence and breach of contract.

We recovered £30,000 from Ramsey Healthcare for damages (compensation) and breach of contract. The reason was because the employee of Ramsey Healthcare had failed to order the correct parts as requested by the Consultant. We recovered £5,000 from the Consultant for breach of contract as he had failed to complete the contract for what our client had paid. The operation was completed on the NHS and the South Devon NHS trust were reimbursed in full for the costs of the operation and care.

Food Poisoning

We were instructed by a client who had suffered from Food Poisoning on or about 2nd February 2007 while on holiday in Hurghada, Egypt (a package holiday booked through Going Places, travelling on MS Sun Times on a Nile Cruise in Egypt. Whilst travelling on board the cruise liner our client attended a theme night, the theme being Egyptian. The food consisted of an open buffet with rice, meat and other various local delicacies. Bottled water was available. Our client ate from the buffet and within approximately four hours of consuming such food she suffered from vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. It is our client’s case that she has suffered from food poisoning due to consuming said food from the buffet.

A Professor of Gastroenterology based in Salford, Manchester was instructed and he confirmed causation and confirmed that our clients food poisoning was on the balance of probabilities caused by salmonella.

This holiday was on a full inclusive basis. Going Places Leisure Travel Ltd was acting as the agent for the defendant and the holiday was fully itemised within the brochures provided by Going Places. It was our client’s claim that the food had not been prepared properly in a hygienic environment and bacteria had been growing on the food, thus causing symptoms consistent with food poisoning.

Our client suffered personal injuries and other losses by reason of the above. Our client relied on Regulation 15 of the Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992.

As a result of the food poisoning our client suffered pain, injury, loss and damage. We seeked to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for the injury and other losses sustained by our client which consists of diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite, high temperature and muscle pain.

Court proceedings were issued in the Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court. The case settled for £6,750 plus payment of our clients holiday costs and payment of our reasonable costs, disbursements and VAT.

Death at Work

Few things in life are certain – other than death and taxes. What happens if you lose a loved one or a family member as a result of an accident? Accidents at work happen and on occasion this can have the devastating result of losing a loved one.

Like all personal injury compensation claims, you will need to prove that the fatal accident was caused as a result of the negligence (fault) of another party and once you instruct a personal injury solicitor, they should assist you in compiling the evidence and presenting it to the Defendant’s insurers.

The compensation awarded to a family on behalf of a deceased relative can include an amount for the pain and suffering of the deceased, repayment of actual losses such as funeral expenses and a bereavement award for the deceased’s spouse or parents.

Cohabitees in long term unmarried relationships known as common law husbands and wives who have lived together continuously for more than 2 years prior to the date of death are essentially treated the same as married partners and can claim compensation in the same way. Equally, partners in a Civil Partnership or any individual that has a financial dependency on the person killed may be able to claim compensation too. This can include grandchildren if they are being cared for on a permanent basis by a grandparent who is killed, dependent or elderly parents or persons with a disability in a similar dependent position.

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