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What if I Can't Afford a Divorce?

With every TV news bulletin, newspaper or notification you will hear headlines about the soaring cost of living. So, what about the cost of divorce?


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The price of fuel, energy and food is rising and more and more people are facing financial difficulties. Pressure on households is mounting, which has contributed to an increase in breakups and divorce enquiries. People who are already thinking about filing for a divorce or going through the early stages are also increasingly worried about paying legal fees and the affordability of life after separation.


The impact of financial pressures

Surveys suggest that rising rates of inflation and living costs are already impacting the way we live and affecting our relationships. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 24 million people in the UK tried to reduce energy consumption between March and June 2022. More than 15 million people made cuts on essentials, including food. 

As well as stretching household budgets and putting people under financial pressure, the cost of living crisis is also causing tension between couples. A 2022 study revealed that 55% of couples feel that rising costs have contributed to a rocky relationship and around 70% of couples are concerned that their relationship will not last due to financial difficulties.


What can I do if I cannot afford a divorce?

Going through a divorce can be challenging enough without the added pressure of trying to figure out how you are going to cover legal fees and living costs once you have separated from your partner. The average cost of legal fees is around £2.5k, but this is not the only issue for couples who are thinking about ending their marriage. A quarter of couples admit that they are staying together because they can’t afford to get a divorce or live separately afterwards, especially with children involved.

There are ways to reduce living costs if you are thinking about leaving your partner or filing for a divorce. These may include:

– Moving in with friends or family members on a temporary basis

– Budgeting and cutting down on expenses, including non-essentials

– Getting help with looking after children, including calculating child maintenance 

– Taking advantage of benefits and tax cuts

– Shopping around and comparing prices


If you are worried about money and you are dealing with the emotional stress of a breakup, there is help and support available. One of the most important steps to take is to find a legal firm that specialises in family law. Beyond Legal offers free consultations, which are incredibly helpful for those facing financial uncertainty or difficulties. Working with experts can help to provide reassurance and clarity and make sure that you’re getting the best possible support and advice.


Legal issues to consider

If you or your partner has filed for divorce, there are various legal issues to consider, including whether or not there is a prenuptial agreement in place, child custody and shared assets. It is essential to seek expert legal advice to ensure that you get what you are entitled to and maximise the chances of reaching an agreement quickly. 

For more advice or to schedule a free consultation, contact the Beyond Legal team. We will be by your side through it all.


Surveys suggest that rising rates of inflation and living costs are already impacting the way we live and affecting our relationships.