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Your Roadmap to a Healthy Divorce

Divorce is a tough time, but you can get through it. How can you make it a process where you can emerge through the other side?


Divorce can be a shock to anyone, whether it’s the person on the receiving end or the instigator. There are two key triggers for divorce: 

A gentle drift – The marriage may have broken down slowly and drifted along until the end was inevitable. 

An event – This could comprise financial issues, fear for your personal safety, or the discovery of something such as an affair. 

When we undergo this process, there is no quick resolution, which can cause a lot of anxieties and sadness, which all serves to complicate the process. Beyond legal are experts in navigating a healthy divorce for everyone involved.


What you need to do

The process is not an easy one, but it’s at this point where you need to be more practical and pragmatic. List writing is one of the simplest but most effective things at this stage, as it gives you a set of rules that you can stick to ensure you navigate this process. 

Here are a few things that you could put on this list: 

– How you will keep yourself financially afloat

– Will you have access to the car? 

– What are you going to do to keep the children secure throughout the process? 

– What do you think the outcome will be? 

The more you have, the better. This is going to be a great method for not just putting everything on paper, but can be a cathartic process to put every concern outside of your head.


Appointing someone to help you

When you are ready to proceed with a divorce, most solicitors will offer a short session where you can ask them about the progress so you can determine if they will meet your needs. 

If you are looking for divorce lawyers in Devon, there are many possibilities, but it’s important for you to find professionals who will work towards mediation. This is a less confrontational method and can be less costly in your legal fees. 

The more prepared you are, the easier the process will be.

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Dealing with the emotional process

If you expect that your divorce process will be difficult, this will give you insight into the pressure you are up against and your abilities to cope, but this is where self-care is so important. 

The process of divorce encompasses fear, anxiety, and a sheer cavalcade of emotional responses. Being aware of your emotional responses is a good place to begin as you can become aware of your triggers. 


Making time for yourself 

Looking after yourself is vital throughout this process. If, in the lead up to a divorce, you’ve been looking out for everyone else so much you have severely neglected you, now it is your time. 

Allowing yourself to indulge in you is vital for your state of mind, but also reinforces the message that you are worth it. 


Moving on after your divorce

When you’ve agreed on a settlement, you are now ready to draw a line in the sand, and this is where your long-term happiness can be influenced by the decisions you make. Knowing you have taken the necessary steps for a healthy divorce can leave you with a positive outcome.

This could be a time of celebration or a time of grief, but this is the time to reach out to the important people in your life. 

Divorce can seem like an ugly process but it is, for many, an essential endeavour towards a happy life. If you want more information or wish to book an appointment with some of the most supportive divorce lawyers in Devon, get in contact with us.

List writing is one of the simplest but most effective things at this stage, as it gives you a set of rules that you can stick to ensure you navigate this process.